My arcade/jamma pcb collection

I used to own several dedicated cabinets (After Burner 2, Chase HQ, Hard Drivin', Space Gun, Virtua Racing) but currently I have only two, one of which is a slightly modified Taito Egret 29" arcade cabinet and the other one is a custom-made 2-player cocktail cabinet (vertical monitor, wood grain, very retro). Of course a cabinet by itself is not a lot of fun, so I also have several JAMMA PCBs that are listed below.

All the boards that I own are original - no bootlegs - and fully working.

When I have bought some of the games, they haven't always been just the exact same versions which I wanted, so I have burned new eproms for them (for example Japanese Gryzor became European Gryzor and German Klax was converted to US Klax). Often I have saved the original eproms, for the sake of preservation and if I am ever stupid enough to sell some of them away.

If you have any games for sale, check out what's on my arcade shopping list.

None of these games are for sale.

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wikipedia review G Darius (1997)
Namco System 11 Shoot'em ups Shoot'em ups (horizontal) Taito
wikipedia Groove On Fight (1997)
Fighting Fighting (2D) Hardware:Sega Titan STV Power Instinct series Versus
wikipedia Money Puzzle Exchanger (1997)
Neo Geo MVS Hardware:NeoGeo MVS Puzzle games Versus
wikipedia review Neo Bomber Man (1997)
Neo Geo MVS Bomberman series Hardware:NeoGeo MVS Versus
Polystars (1997)
Konami Shoot'em ups Shoot'em ups (vertical)
wikipedia Pop'n Pop (1997)
Cute Taito games Hardware:Taito F3/CyberCore Puzzle games Taito Versus
wikipedia Raiden Fighters 2: Operation Hell Dive (1997)
Hardware:Seibu SPI Raiden series Shoot'em ups Shoot'em ups (vertical)
Sengeki Striker (1997)
Shoot'em ups Shoot'em ups (manic) Shoot'em ups (vertical)
Senkyu (1997)
Hardware:Seibu SPI Puzzle games Versus
Shienryu (1997)
Sega Titan ST-V Hardware:Sega Titan STV Shoot'em ups Shoot'em ups (vertical)
wikipedia Shock Troopers (1997)
Neo Geo MVS Hardware:NeoGeo MVS Shoot'em ups
Sol Divide (1997)
Shoot'em ups Shoot'em ups (horizontal)
Winter Heat (1997)
Sega Titan ST-V Hardware:Sega Titan STV Sega Sports Versus