Read the rules as it is almost certain that other players don't remember to tell you all the details. Moreover, with too precise questions you expose your strategies.

Manufacture lots of units in the beginning, as you will certainly lose some.

Do not expose unnecessarily your Weather Hen, your large tank or your barge as they are difficult to replace.

Decide your strategy according to your position and position of your adversaries (and their level) early and play the rest of the game accordingly.

Save action points as soon as you can: the possibility to use 20 or 25 points instead of 15 can be your best defense - and if you decide to attack your extra action points will be really precious.

You have three minutes to play every turn. That leaves you time to study the situation before moving.

Be suspicious - if an adversary who has captured other Freighter(s) swears you that he or she will not attack you, never believe such claims.

A unit can never be placed or moved under unfavourable fire:only one destroyer can move under unfavorable fire if it is possible to destroy the destroyer(s) that are the cause of the fire zone.