Full Metal Planète

You have been hired by an important mining company for being one of the best western pilots in the galaxy. You must prove it now. You must land your spaceship on Full Metal Planète, get as much ore as possible, disintegrate and kidnap other companies' expensive equipment and shuttles whose bunkers are full up. Switch on your retro rockets - landing in 8 minutes 47 seconds!

What is Full Metal Planète

Full Metal Planète is a light strategy board game by a French company called Ludodélire. It is a very fun game - kind of like playing Command & Conquer without a computer - but unfortunately it is also very very hard to find, partly because the company that produced it went bankrupt over ten years ago. To make things even worse, if you somehow manage to find Full Metal Planète, it is certainly not cheap (average price is over 200 euros).

Basic rules

1. SUMMARY - Contents / Mission Summary
2. PLANET - Playing Field / Ore / Tides
3. PLAY MECHANICS - Action Point System / Time
4. TRANSPORTERS - Barges / Crabs / Loading and Unloading
5. WEATHER HEN - Manufacturing Units / Weather Prediction
7. DESTROYERS - Destroying Elements / Capturing Units / Retreat and Neutralization
8. FREIGHTER - Entering and Leaving Freighter / Capturing Freighter / Change of Color
9. MISSION START - Turns 1-6
10. MISSION END - Turns 21-25

Additional rules

Expansion set rules
Game variations

Misc stuff

Tips for beginners
Computer versions