This set of 100 questions was published in Sinclair User, a well-known Spectrum magazine. Just for fun I republished the questions in comp.sys.sinclair, and to my surprise I got answer to almost every question.

For a long time, four answers were missing (21,36,90 and 96). In the first Starion competition you had to answer those questions. Winner was Eldad from Israel, and thanks to him and the other competitors, the list is now complete.

So, now it's your turn to take the test - select all the choices which you think are correct and press the button at the bottom of the page.


1) Name the genius behind Joe Blade, Deviants and A Day in the Life of the Thing.

2) Here's a hardie. Who are John Prince and Duncan Campbell?

3) The Oliver Twins are the master programmers at Codemasters. What are their christian names?

4) Who created Monty Mole?

5) Quazatron, Magnetron and Ranarama are all from the warped mind of which Hewson programmer?

6) Yeti and Teladon are the first releases from a one-man software house, named Destiny. Who is that man?

7) Elite's fabbo Thundercats came from the Greg Follis/Roy Carter/Stuart team, otherwise known as ... what?

8) 2000AD has been a source of inspiration for many games. Two of them, namely Slaine and Nemesis the Warlock were programmed by the same person. Who?

9) Which is the lead programming house of US Gold's label, GO!?

10) How many games has Raffaelle Cecco written?

11) Which conversion of a C64 classic is Dominic Robinson famous for?

12) Who is Code Masters music supremo?

13) Who wrote the classic wargame, Rebelstar Raiders? I'll give you a clue, it's not Firebird.

14) How many members are there in Virgin's Gang of Five?

15) John George Jones is the author of the sick Go to Hell and the equally sick ... what?

16) Don Priestly became quite famous with games such as Popeye and Trap Door. What special features linked all his games?

17) Name Ocean's hot new programming property.

18) What have Yeti and Xecutor got in common?

19) Who is David Sh'ea and for which game is he best known?

20) Name the prvious YS hacker who wrote a very successful biking game.

21) Name the Code Masters graphic artist responsible for the sprites on games such as Transmuter who tragically died this year.

22) MD Software programmed Knightmare. What does MD stand for?

23) Name CRL's in-house programming team.

24) Who is Addictive Software's prolific programmer?

25) What type of game is Costa Panayi famous for?


26) Who is Vitorc's alter ego?

27) Who is Xain?

28) Who is Ukko?

29) In which game do you have to rescue General Alexander Bonn?

30) Who is the world's most unpopular mole?

31) Who had to brave the terrors of the beach, the boat and the attic to name but few places?

32) Who has to get the Sankara Stones?

33) Who has to rescue Tina?

34) Who had trouble with the off-white knight?

35) Who has to destroy Nebulithone?

36) In which game do you have to kill the Queen of Sckunn?

37) In which game does Leader One appear?

38) When do you fly a vaus pod?

39) When did Jack come back?

40) When do you take on the might of Mumm-ra?

41) Judge Dredd's main enemy is about to be featured in his own game. Who is he?

42) Who goes, "Go-go"?

43) Who is Geldra?

44) Who are Ralph, Victoria, Tim and sniffer?

45) Where do you find Jon?

46) Who solved the castle mystery?

47) Who ran the Gauntlet?

48) Who would you find watching over you if you were in Damonia Castle?

49) Who is Dutch Scheaffer's enemy?

50) How is Vera Cruz nowadays?


51) Who released the berilliant Ikari Warriors?

52) Who played Sam again?

53) Who did the Xecuting?

54) (Trick Question) Who has released Hit after Hit?

55) Who was originally responsible for Chaos?

56) Who created Red October?

57) System 3 has released 4 popular karate games. The Last Ninjas 1 and 2 count for 2 of them. Name the others.

58) Who did Hewson join with to create a new label?

59) Name Mastertronic's arcade counterpart.

60) Who owns the licences to Flying Shark and Bubbe Bobble?

61) Who will release Sega's Afterburner?

62) Which company released Maziacs, Zig Zag and Jumbly?

63) Here's a two-parter. What company that Mastertronic bought last year is now producing Arcadia conversions?

64) Part2. Which company bought a substantial share in Mastertronic?

65) In April '87, a company was relaunched with a game called Martianoids. Which company was it?

66) Here's another 2 parter. Who released Nether Earth?

67) And what are they called now?

68) Which company had talking balls?

69) Xen was a crappy shoot-'em-up first released by Creative Sparks. Who re-released it?

70) Which company had us all in stitches with its Tolkein send-ups, not to mention the teletext simulation?

71) Beam Software, writers of games such as Doc the Destroyer and Penetrator, write for which company?

72) Who quilled, patched, pressed and pawed us?

73) Who wrote and released Minder?

74) Paperboy, Ghosts and Goblins, Commando Bombjack were all arcade conversions by which company?

75) Who made us go oooh with the +D interface and may make us go aaah with their Spectrum compatible Amiga?


76) How many levels are there in Thundercats?

77) Come to mention it, how many Thundercats are there?

78) How many levels are there in The Sentinel?

79) Who publishes Magnetic Scrolls' work?

80) How many He-Man games are there?

81) How many different types of Spectrums have there been? (excluding the Spanish and Timex editions, smart asses).

82) How many large bridges do you cross in Ikari Warriors?

83) What's the maximum number of bullets you can have in Flying Shark?

84) How many multiples can you have in Nemesis?

85) ...and in Salamander?

86) How many zones are there in Earthlight?

87) What have Vixen and Barbarian got in common?

88) Name the first Flintstones game.

89) Which US Gold personage causes long debates on whether or not he has a moustache?

90) Which number is missing from the Guild of Thieves dice?

91) How many parts of a key were needed in the original Dan Dare?

92) In which game would you die if you shot a slanty eyed villager?

93) Which game features Peter Gabriel song as a soundtrack?

94) Which game featured cutting weeds, serving drings and doing washing?

95) Which cricket game was so bad that you were instructed to break into the program if you wanted to change the team names?

96) What's the wording on the end screen of Terramex?

97) In which game do you battle over the world of Orac?

98) On which game did you type I WANNA CHEAT to gain invincibility?

99) How many events are in Winter Games from Epyx?

100) What's the name of the knight in Ghosts and Goblins?