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A first-person perspective boxing game where you fight six boxers in the WVBA. The player character is a green wire frame model who must defeat all the opponents to become the champion. The commentator says "Body blow!", "Stick and move!" and "Great fighting! You're an up and coming boxer!"
A mahjong game from UPL.
A one-on-one martial arts fighting game. Players can choose one of twelve different fighters, originating from various nations, to fight battles in various arenas all over the world. The game's detailed 3-D graphics are meticulously rendered.
Choose one of twelve fighters and try to earn the title of the world's greatest street fighter.
Fly vertically in this horizontal shooter with your "Twin Bee" or "Win Bee", two popular Konami characters in Japan. Fire shots at flying objects and use bombs to defeat ground enemies.
As the story goes, three years have passed since this game's prequel. Now the Knight Arthur must fight against the true king of the Demon World, Lucifer, who has taken many souls including that of Arthur's beloved Princess Prin Prin.
A 3-D bowling game featuring the characters from the popular cartoon series.
A futuristic racing game where you pick from four different cars including the Blue Falcon.
Player chooses team and plays baseball against computer. Game ends when player is tied or losing at the end of an inning or nine innings have been played.
The player pilots his ship flies over alien cityscapes, shooting down various ground and air enemies using bullets and missiles. Defeat the bosses with guided missiles at the end of each level.