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Players choose one of three characters, each with their own unique weapons, strengths and weaknesses. On each level, players must kill all the enemies and save the additional characters. Time is a factor in this game and all the characters that do not enter the exit will be lost.
You play a frog hopping around and eating spiders on a web.
A two-player game similar to the classic "Othello." Players strategically duplicate or move their tokens in an attempt to capture their opponent's markers. Once the board has been filled, the player with the most tokens wins.
You control a worker with a big hammer who smashes his way through obstacles and a variety of enemies.
This game is an example of a smaller company's effort to cash-in on the success of Konami's popular dance series.
A train travels through time and space by entering different tunnels. Avoid various objects while picking up and delivering passengers to different stations before your fuel runs out.
Flight game where players pilot a jet-propelled helicopter to rescue hostages from the enemy.
You are the Cosmo Police who walk and jump around a scrolling cave system shooting, punching and kicking various enemies. Collect POW for a robot suit and weaponry. Find your way to the room with the robot dragon and destroy it to move onto the next level.
Jump, punch, and kick your way through an underground fortress of evil Ninjas, boxers, and men in space suits to rescue your girlfriend. Five bosses and sub-bosses to conquer. Japanese animation.
A soccer game from Namco.