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In the spirit of all the other "bemani" games, this version has the player using a 24-key keyboard and effector wheel. Press the keys in tune to the music (and when indicated, spin the wheel) as the bars fall to the bottom of the screen. Complete the song without missing too many of the notes, and you can play another song.
A strip poker game.
A mechanic travels around levels searching for parts to make vehicles like planes and cars. Throw bannanas at monsters to make them go to sleep. To win a trophy, you must make the best vehicle you can and beat your opponent in a race.
A simple 2-D scrolling shooter where you walk, fly or drive through various waves of animated cannon-fodder animals.
A vertical shooting game with a dragon instead of a plane or spaceship. Shoot eggs to get power-ups such as fireballs or up to three heads. Very cool and uncommon bosses like a giant brain.
An excellent vertical boxing game from Data East.
Escape from a labyrinth and you will be rewarded with the top half of a picture of a woman. Complete two labyrinths and you can view the entire image.
A faster version of the previous game that features different color pallets and new moves. M. Bison has the same color clothing. This game is bit faster and harder than the original.
Maneuver your Lupin character through the maze, dodging the pursuing Super D. Along the pathway, collect as many coins and treasures as possible to earn bonus points. Pressing the lock button opens and closes doorways throughout the maze helping to stall or trap the traveling Super D.
An interactive fishing game where players try to catch a number a large fish in the ocean.