10 game title and description -combinations are choosen at random. You must connect the correct game description with the correct game title. Currently there are 3790 different titles and names in the play.

Description: Title:
A motorcycle racing game.
A shooter where fleets of ships fly in from either of the screen and loop around in formation. The player may move around the screen in any direction.
In this 3-D platform game, Hiryuu returns to battle his way around the world, attempting to defeat the iron tyranny of the Grand Master's dictatorship.
A soccer game from Seibu Kaihatusu.
A special Mahjong game from Dynax that features the Don Den function.
One or two players choose a ballclub from cities like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta, or Boston and compete either against the computer or each other in this baseball game. A wide variety of picthes can be thrown and batters can change their stance and angle of swing.
Arrange different shaped blocks so that a small boy can climb out and escape through an exit before water rises and drowns him.
Drive a car over animated stick gremlins and score points. Gremlins that have been run over will scream and a cross will appear where they died. Two players compete against each other at the same time.
A gray market version of a classic platform game that has different colors.
Gather up all the pieces to escape the castle then battle the dark wizard. Use the Magic Sword to destroy all enemies on the screen. Grab the floating sword to get a second Magic Sword in the same level.