10 game title and description -combinations are choosen at random. You must connect the correct game description with the correct game title. Currently there are 3790 different titles and names in the play.

Description: Title:
A game that dispenses tickets, depending where balls pop and land.
Side-scrolling chop socky. You start out with basic characters and fight wave after wave of enemies. You defeat certain enemies and take possession of their souls, being able to use them during the game at any point in time.
A cutesy horizontal shooter where you play a kid in an airplane shooting at awesome bosses like an attack dog.
An adult game where the player moves a cursor around the screen highlighting a background picture while avoiding the various enemies. The object of the game is to reveal as much of the central picture as possible before the timer reaches zero.
A black and white football game from Sega/Gremlin.
A 3-D one-on-one fighting game. Choose from 23 fighters and try to become "The King of Iron Fist 2".
A mahjong game.
A JAMMA test unit designed for the home user.
A vertical scrolling shooter where you fly a biplane, like a Sopwith Camel, equipped with two cannons and smart bombs. You must fly from each runway to the next over jungle, sea and desert destroying tanks, planes and ships.
The game is a military, side-scrolling shooter. Great graphics and music. Based on the Japanese Animation "Area 88".