10 game title and description -combinations are choosen at random. You must connect the correct game description with the correct game title. Currently there are 3790 different titles and names in the play.

Description: Title:
An action-packed driving game where the object is to reach the border before time runs out. Avoid roadblocks, enemy planes and helicopters.
A military shooting game from Jaleco.
Explore the planet you land on and gather items to upgrade your pod.
You control a ship that fires at a cannon surrounded by three oppositely rotating energy rings of twelve segments each. When a clear line of fire is open, the cannon fires back at your ship with a big "fuzzball". Three sparks start off on the rings, but eventually fly loose and chase the player's ship.
You and an optional second player are commando-type characters in a scrolling shoot-em-up. At the end of each scene or world, there is a difficult bad guy to finish off. At various points there are stationary skill-type screens to get by.
A skill crane in which you try to retrieve a prize.
Your space craft is dangerously situated among fast moving asteroids in an asteroid belt that can destroy your ship on contact. Armed with a front mounted weapon and the ability to hyperspace, you fly through the debris, destroying each rock one piece at a time. Alien saucers visit the playfield from time to time with an eye towards destroying your ship!
A video redemption game where players roll hard plastic balls into the machine to make video balls appear on the screen to smash on-screen dinosaurs and their eggs. Tickets are rewarded after the game.
A Mahjong game from Dynax.
A vertical shoot-em-up. Protect the castle by moving a bowman horizontally across the bottom of the screen, shooting upwards at the assorted fantasy warriors who are advancing in waves. The game includes boss waves and has nice music.