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Description: Title:
A Mahjong game from Dynax.
A rare animated laserdisc game that takes place in the Old West. The player is a sheriff who must confront outlaws in a number of showdowns and attempt to shoot them down.
A golf game that features single player, two-player and four-player options with tournament or stroke play.
An excellent vertical shooter from Capcom that features three types of reflects and excellent 3-D graphics.
The player's ship moves from side to side and the player attempts to shoot all advancing enemy ships. Enemy ships are in formation above, and also individual enemy ships come at the player to attack his ship. There are items to collect as they fall, and bombs to avoid from the attacking enemy ships.
A one-on-one fighting game that features characters from several of the Capcom and SNK fighting games.
A quiz game with an F1 racing theme from Irem.
Drive through different terrains avoiding other vehicles and picking up bonus items. Gates provide bonus points.
The player controls Jack who must climb the beanstalk to reach the castle, where he must steal the treasures from the giant and escape.
Two players. Each player controls his/her spaceship (shaped like the Star Trek Enterprise and Klingon ships) trying to destroy each other's ship. One hit will either partially or completely destroy the others ship. If partially, and space stations are selected you can repair and rearm your ship to go back for revenge. This game is timed so there is no limit on the number of ships you can have.