10 game title and description -combinations are choosen at random. You must connect the correct game description with the correct game title. Currently there are 3790 different titles and names in the play.

Description: Title:
Your character is a robber who runs around a mine collecting moneybags and depositing them in a wheelbarrow at the top of the screen. Climb ladders and ride elevators to avoid two angry miners. Grab pickaxes to temporarily stun your pursuers.
A timed game in which two players race upward on a black and white screen avoiding one-scan line "asteroids" flying from the left. Only speed can be controlled and when a player gets hit, he starts back at the bottom. When a player reaches the top of the screen, he gains a point.
In this 1982 addition to the series, Pac-Man must eat keys to open doors which will allow him to eat fruits and prizes, not dots. Eating the Super Power Energizers increases Pac-Man's size and allows him to speed up. For the duration of this Super energizer, he can freely pass over ghosts, even if they are their original dangerous colors.
The game uses laserdisc generated backgrounds which are mostly non-interactive. Move a fighter at the bottom of the screen, in a sideways direction, to avoid enemy shots and to fire on enemy craft. Space fantasy backgrounds and music.
You have been framed for murder. Find those who did this and get your revenge. Push up and attack for magic.
A sidescrolling fighting game set in medieval China.
The second game in the Soul series. The game features an 8-way run system that allows a player character to run in and out of the screen to dodge and attack opponents. There is also a time release system for both characters and extra weapons and arenas in which to fight.
Fight your way past enemies. Hold the fire button to charge up and use magic. Gather treasure when you find it.
A barbarian runs about in a horizontally-oriented playfield, collecting coins with which he can buy upgrades for his armor, a whip-like weapon, keys for treasure chests, and anti-poisoning potions. Special items that reveal coins, upgraded armor or points may be found by whipping certain walls.
In this interactive shooting game, you play a DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) member who busts the drug dealers of a narcotics-crime cartel in Sierra County, the Big City (Chicago), the Border and South America. Choose one of three assignments on each level, protect the innocent and put an end to the drug-dealing cartel.