Super Xevious game pieces

The picture above shows all pieces of the Super Xevious board game. They are:

  1. Game Stages - note that Stage 1 and Stage 7 use the same panel
  2. Super Xevious Cards -
  3. Cockpit Cards
  4. Braglease Cards
  5. Gump Markers
  6. Blaster Cards
  7. Battle Cards
  8. Solvalou Markers
  9. Extra Weapon Markers
  10. Shield Markers
  11. Attack Strength Sheets
  12. Solvalou Movers
  13. Daley Pieces
  14. Dice


  1. Sort all markers and cards them into groups.
  2. Select a Solvalou Mover and take the Attack Strength Sheet which is of the same color.
  3. Take 3 Solvalou Markers and place them on your Attack Strength Sheet.
  4. Stage 1 will be played first, so place it between the players and place all Solvalou Movers into the starting point (bottom right corner).
  5. Choose the order in which players will start by rolling the dice.


  1. Roll the die and move a number of spaces equal to the number you rolled and follow the directings on the space you land on. You may not move backwards. You may stop on a green colored space as you pass it regardless of the number you rolled. Also, you must stop on a space that indicates you must do so. Stages 1 through 7 have their own conditions that must be met as you move through them. When you enter a new area, you must always stop on the entrance.
  2. When you lose a battle, your ship takes damage:
    1. If you have Shield Markers on your Attack Strength Sheet, discard one Shield Marker.
    2. If you do not have Shield Marker chips, you lose a Solvalou Marker and an Extra Weapon Marker.
  3. If you run out of Solvalou Markers, return to the beginning of the area and take:
    1. 3 Solvalou Markers
    2. 3 Extra Weapon Markers
    3. 3 Shield Markers
    ... and begin the stage from the beginning. However, in Stage 1, you receive only 3 Solvalou markers and nothing else (no Extra Weapon markers nor Shield Markers)
  4. If all other players have advanced to the next area, during your turn you may also move your Solvalou Mover to the next area. If the exit location of the area you are in directs you to take Markers you must take those Markers even though you might not go thru the exit location.


When you receive Markers, they must be put on your Attack Strength Sheet. The topmost row is for Extra Weapon Markers, middle row is for Shield Markers and the bottom row is for Solvalou Markers. As each row has 5 spaces, you can only have up to 5 Markers of each type.

  1. Extra Weapon Markers are usd in two ways:
    1. If you fight againts multiple enemies, you can use Extra Weapon Marker to automatically destroy one enemy.
    2. In some locations, Extra Weapon Markers can be used to add 1 to your combat die roll.
    Note that you can use only one Extra Weapon Marker per combat. After Extra Weapon Marker is used, discard it from your Attack Strength Sheet.
  2. Shield Markers shield your ship from damage: If you lose a battle and you have Shield Markers, you can discard one Shield Markers instead of losing Solvalou Markers and Extra Weapon Markers.
  3. Solvalou Markers are used to show how many "lives" you have left. You will lose Solvalou Markers if you lose in battle and do not have Shield Markers.


  1. Air-to-ground battles: Roll a dice. If the number is more than the number next to the location, you win. If the number is equal or less, you lose.
  2. Air-to-air battles against one enemy: You and another player both take a Battle Card. Rotate the card so that the other player does not know which way it points, then put the card on the table simultaneously. If different arrows point towards each other you win the battle. Otherwise you lose a battle.
  3. Air-to-air battles against multiple enemies: You must win consecutive battles. If you lose even one battle, the battle on this location ends. This also means that you can only take damage from one enemy.
  4. Card: Draw a Super Xevious Card and follow its instructions.
  5. Flag/Pin/Sol/Phantom: You may stop on these squares regardless of the number you rolled. Pick one of the 3 Blaster Cards randomly. If the card you picked is a
    1. "HIT!"-card, you receive the Marker(s) indicated on the location.
    2. "MISTAKE"-card, you receive nothing but you may remain on the location to try again.
Air-to-ground battle location
Air-to-ground battle - throw die and in this case get greater than 2 to win
Air-to-air battle location
Air-to-air battle against one enemy - use Battle Cards
Air-to-air battle (multiple enemies) location
Air-to-air battle against multiple enemies - battle multiple enemies, in this case two (the small number) strength 2 (the large number) enemies.
Card location
Draw a Super Xevious Card and follow its instructions.
Flag/Pin/Sol/Phantom location
Flag/Pin/Sol/Phantom - pick Blaster Card


The player who destroys the last Gump Marker in Stage 7 is the winner.