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The dip switch settings for Crystal Castles (version 4) shown below are automatically parsed from Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator ( C source code, so some of the settings can be incorrect. However, if you notice that some settings are constantly incorrectly displayed in more than one game, please contact me so that I can fix the problem. Happy gaming!

If you are trying to change this game's language or region, you might have to replace/reprogram some of the game's ROM chips.

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Crystal Castles (version 4) dip switch settings:

Dip bank #1:

CABINET: (dip 1)
 - Upright*                 ON
 - Cocktail                OFF

* - default setting

WARNING: These dip switches are parsed from
MAME source files so they can be incorrect!

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Similarly named games (worth checking if dip switches were not found or the information was incorrect) are Crystal Castles (version 3), Crystal Castles (version 2), Crystal Gal (Japan 860512) and Crystal Gal 2 (Japan 860620)
Games with similar hardware (may contain applicable dip switches) are Crystal Castles (version 2) and Crystal Castles (version 3).