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From these pages you can find dip switch settings for 5081 different arcade boards. Just click the starting letter of the game whose dip switch settings you are looking for to proceed.

If you can't find the dip switches you are looking for, I recommend the following:
  • If the game has several versions listed, browse though all of them!
  • Press service switch on the cabinet (or sometimes there is a service switch on the PCB). Many modern games do not have dip switches at all, but neat interactive menus instead.
  • Go to #rgvac or #shmups IRC channels on efnet and politely ask for help. 
  • Search - maybe someone has had the same problem before? If not, post a polite request for help.
  • Go to Video Arcade Preservation Society and search for other people who own the same game - maybe they can help you? You are a member, aren't you? If not, sign up!
  • Experiment! Remember to turn off the PCB when you change the settings - changing dip switches while PCB is turned on is OK (not recommended), but most probably you'll have to turn off the PCB to get it to recognize the new settings. Most often the default settings (1 Coin/1 Play, Demo Sound ON) is achieved by setting all switches to OFF-position.
Data files for these pages were previously updated on 27th December 2004. Data is parsed from XMame 0.89.