#!/usr/bin/php Free Yellow Notes -program for Windows (and others if you compile the source)


Having a computerized version of yellow notes is great - otherwise you end up with zillions of Notepads which you never remember to save. And don't even think about what happens if your computer happens to crash! While there's one very good yellow note program for GNU/Linux that I've used, I couldn't find a simple enough one for Windows. That's why I decided to spend couple of minutes to write my own version of yellow notes for Windows.

Only thing you need to run the program is SimpleYellowNotes.exe.
Right-click the link to download and select "Save Link as..."

Once run, the program displays a yellow text are in which you can write down your notes. You can also drag and drop content - all the usual functinalities you might expect work. The thing is that A) if you click the yellow square in the system tray, the note is hidden - most probably you want to keep it hidden most of the time and B) there is no need to save the file - it is automatically saved so you don't have to worry about crashes or anything.

The notes are saved into a file named default.note - if you want to change it, just provide a file name you wish to use when you start SimpleYellowNotes as a command line parameter - this allows you to run multiple notes simultaneously, but I've always found it nicer to simply put all my stuff into one note (most other implementations which I tried seemed to think otherwise).