#!/usr/bin/php Free Disk Space System Tray -utility for Windows


When downloading huge files and so on, it's pretty nasty if you happen to run out of disk space. Why not have an icon in your system tray to show the amount of free disk space on your hard drive(s)?

And while at it, why not to have the display in the classic Sinclair ZX Spectrum font? ...or the legendary blue C64-one?

Only thing you need to run the program is FreeSpaceMonitor.exe.
Right-click the link to download and select "Save Link as..."

Once run, the program displays available disk space in the system tray in gigabytes. Below the value is the percentage of disk space which is still free. If you wish to change which drive is monitored, simply right-click the icon to select another drive. You can also provide the drive as a command-line parameter (default is C) which is quite useful if you set the utility to be executed when your system starts up.

It's purely cosmetical but you can change the layout also by right-clicking the tray icon. If you want the icon to start in C64 mode, you can use -c64 command line parameter.


v2. Added Commodore 64 mode