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A furious two-player submarine-based shoot-em-up with varying levels and the typical end-of-level bosses. Various power-ups can be collected throughout the game.
An update to this game\'s prequel that also uses the CPS3 system. Adds three new selectable characters (including a hidden character), increases the play speed, and introduces a few new moves along with damage modifications.
Side-scrolling shooter. Guide your WWII aircraft through enemy territory wiping out aircraft and bases on your way to the mission objective to be destroyed. Collect the many power-ups to help you on your way.
Standard versus chop-socky with fighters Ryu, Ken, Blanka, Chun-li, Vega, etc. Fight using standard moves and \"special\" moves that consist of button/joystick combos. Features faster speed and new moves for most of the twelve fighters.
A black and white vector game. First-person perspective flight simulator. Single, analog \"gimble-type\" joystick with fire button. Engage enemy biplanes during a WWI dogfight. Long range kills score big, accompanied by \"Charge\" tune.
Player controls a whip-cracking, Indiana Jones-like adventurer called Outback Jack who searches through an ancient temple for treasures while fighting off snakes, scorpions and other attacking creatures.
You have been transformed into a dragon who\'s goal is to save the Princess who was taken by \"Zawell\". To do so, you must conquer the chief enemy at the end of each of nine areas by shooting down flashing creatures and collecting their eggs for mystery power. Difficult game play. Great graphics.
You are trying to collect the treasures from a maze. You can move safely around the perimeter but when you go into the maze you leave your egg. To return quickly to your egg, push the button.
Navigate your sub to avoid bombs, depth charges, enemy subs and airplanes. Half of the screen has an underwater view (where you can maneuver your sub).
First-person shooter. Use a 49-way optical flight control/joystick with thrust and fire buttons to fly through different levels (space, time warp, asteroid fields, etc.) shooting various enemies, objects, and picking up lost spacemen. Receive extra points for shooting all enemies in a wave, flying through obstacles, and reaching level 20, \"Paradise\".